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Price Range: The Oriana

Unit Type Gross Floor Area Price Range

Price Range: Alder Residences

Unit Type Gross Floor Area Price: From Price: To
2-Bedroom 67 sqm. Php7,421,000.00 Php8,441,000.00
2-Bedroom 71.5 sqm Php7,893,000.00 Php8,719,000.00
2-Bedroom 70.5 sqm Php7,784,000.00 Php8,510,000.00
2-Bedroom 64 sqm. Php7,272,000.00 Php7,967,000.00
3-Bedroom 98 sqm. Php10,125,000.00 Php11,024,000.00
3-Bedroom 84.5 sqm. Php8,736,000.00 Php9,847,000.00
3-Bedroom 107.5 sqm. Php11,179,000.00 Php11,922,000.00

Price Range: Allegra Garden Place

Unit Type Gross Floor Area (sqm.) Price: From Price: To
Studio 34 Php5,336,000.00 Php6,473,000.00
Studio 30 Php4,718,000.00 Php5,762,000.00
1-Bedroom 38 Php5,996,000.00 Php7,248,000.00
1-Bedroom 41 Php5,895,720.00 Php7,282,000.00
1-Bedroom 36 Php5,441,040.00 Php6,735,000.00
1-Bedroom 33 Php4,754,160.00 Php6,207,840.00
2-Bedroom 60 Php7,294,000.00 Php9,972,000.00
2-Bedroom 55 Php6,559,000.00 Php8,760,000.00
2-Bedroom 57 Php689,000.00 Php9,064,000.00
2-Bedroom 58.5 Php7,196,000.00 Php9,456,000.00
2-Bedroom 54 Php6,497,000.00 Php8,598,000.00
2-Bedroom 63.5 Php8,430,000.00 Php10,234,000.00
2-Bedroom 69 Php9,323,000.00 Php11,375,000.00
3-Bedroom 83 Php9,404,000.00 Php12,996,000.00

Price Range: Sonora Garden Residences

Unit Type Gross Floor Area (sqm.) Price: From Price: To
1-Bedroom 28 Php4,066,000.00 Php4,771,000.00
2-Bedroom 56 Php5,810,000.00 Php7,163,000.00
2-Bedroom 58.5 Php6,058,000.00 Php7,310,000.00
2-Bedroom 65.5 Php6,998,000.00 Php8,070,000.00
3-Bedroom 81.5 Php8,282,000.00 Php10,004,000.00



Price Range: The Atherton

Unit Type Gross Floor Area (sqm.) Price: From Price: To
1-Bedroom 29 Php3,600,000.00 Php3,800,000.00
2-Bedroom 54 Php5,143,000.00 Php6,470,000.00
2-Bedroom 56 Php5,183,000.00 Php6,524,000.00
2-Bedroom 57 Php5,233,000.00 Php6,580,000.00
3-Bedroom 61.5 Php5,696,000.00 Php7,078,000.00

Price Range: Satori Residences

Unit Type Gross Floor Area (sqm.) Price: From Price: To
1-Bedroom 27.5 Php4,020,000.00 Php4,333,000.00
1-Bedroom 28 Php4,020,000.00 Php4,333,000.00
2-Bedroom 52.5 Php4,694,000.00 Php5,526,000.00
2-Bedroom 53.5 Php4,765,000.00 Php5,570,000.00
2-Bedroom 55.5 Php5,007,000.00 Php5,998,000.00
2-Bedroom 56.5 Php5,078,000.00 Php6,010,000.00

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